Castor Letter


Contents of Betty Castor's letter

In a mood that surpasses anxiety but stops short of depression, the two of us have decided that it is high time measures are taken to elevate the status and visibility of responsible Florida women. Recent media coverage of women's causes and events has left our sex with a somewhat confused, even negative public image. Therefore, we wish to unite a group of female leaders in the State into an organization to address issues that concern women and to bring about change. Will you help us as we seek to form a Network of Florida Women?

We belong to an organization in Tampa called The Athena Society. A list of our members is attached. As one of its primary projects for 1978, Athena has elected to sponsor the network. Our goal is to draw together a group of women who are not considered radical feminists, who can discuss women's issues with males without raising their hackles and around whom other women will rally. Our invitation list represents a cross section of women who work at home and women who work away from home. We intend to be a coalition of responsible, reasonable, capable people whose opinions will be sought when major issues arise within the State and our communities. We believe all women want to ensure that succeeding generations have freedom of choice to devote themselves to being wives and mothers, to pursue a career, or to combine the two.

We hope you are as interested and as intrigued by this idea as we are. Our plan is to organize during a reception and luncheon at the Tower Club in downtown Tampa, 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Saturday, July 29. Please reserve that date; we are eager for you to join us. Within two weeks we will send you additional information, along with registration forms.

Linda Hanna and Barbara Pankau have been designated information officers for this project. If you have questions, please call one of them or write one of us in care of The Athena Society.



Yours most sincerely,

Elizabeth B. Castor

State Senator


Athena Society, Inc.

PO Box 1666

Tampa, Florida 33601