Monthly President's Message

Posted July 26, 2017

This quote popped up during a recent Google search. It stuck with me.  We’ve all thought about who we are and who we should be. Sure, we could do more, do less, do nothing different. But if you are looking for inspiration, this quote gives guidance.

The person I needed when I was younger was a mentor. My dad’s office was a corn field and my mom’s was a second grade classroom so there wasn’t much talk around the dinner table about office politics and the world of business. We were taught that hard work and a good education would “get you there.” Roadmaps are good for getting you there but a mentor can help you find the best route.

I’ve offered to mentor new members in my Toastmaster’s Club as well as new employees at my workplace. Think about what you needed most when you were younger and then share that with others.

JWN Supports Habijax 2017 Womens’ Build

Going back to the above, if you needed a roof over your head when you were younger here’s your chance to be what you needed.

JWN is supporting the Habijax 2017 Women’s Build helping to break the cycle of female poverty in Jacksonville. There is an ongoing need in Duval County:

  • 25% of households are headed by a single mother
  • 21% of women are living at the federal poverty level ($23,050 income for a family of four)
  • The Florida Household Survival Budget of $47,484 is an estimate of the income needed for financial stability for a family of four. 


The Board of Directors has approved the endorsement of this project and we plan to be a Silver Sponsor by raising $2,500 through our membership.  This gives us 10 volunteer slots for a team of builders during the event in October.  We are setting up a donation page on Habijax and will be sharing more with you soon.

Update on Membership

We asked you to nominate qualified women and you did!! Thank you! Nominees will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval in August.  

And while we’re on the subject of mentoring, it applies for JWN as well. Those who nominated and endorsed new members should commit to mentoring them throughout their first year at a minimum. It will help strengthen their bonds with members and with our organization.

Thanks to our Category Chairs and our Membership Committee for their work in this important process. 

Posted May 2017

I love this picture.  It’s actually part of a larger picture of me with girlfriends and as you can tell, we are having fun!  These ladies are work colleagues from previous positions.  I respect and appreciate them all and I use them as my brain trust when I’m facing questions that require thoughtful reasoning.

I’d encourage you to consider The Network as your brain trust. We are here to support each other and to grow our community with strong, wise women. 

An Update on the JWN Rebranding Project

The JWN Rebranding Project is underway.  In addition to reviewing strategic plans and member surveys from past years, we held a Focus Group to gain perspective on members’ attitudes today.  The Focus Group consisted of longtime members, members who joined 8-10 years ago, members who joined 2 years ago, one member who was Class of 2017, and a prospective member. Led by JWN member Jennifer Holland, Certified Brand Strategist at Holland People + Brands, the program elicited lively, prolific and informative discussion. Jennifer and committee chair Georgia Reed are now preparing to present initial findings to the Board of Directors.

Really!! Now is the Time to Nominate New Members!

Do you know someone who would be an asset to The Network? Get her into the nomination process for the Class of 2018! Nomination forms are on our website on the Membership page along with general criteria and specific category requirements. 

You can nominate people outside of your category! You can nominate women for any category. If the nominee is within your own Category, you can be the first Endorser and one additional endorser is required.  If the nominee is outside of your category, you’ll need to find two endorsers from that category. Email questions to

Deadline to submit your nomination is Friday, June 16, 2017.

Programs Planned for June, September, October and December

The Program Committee has been working hard to provide you with exceptional opportunities this year!  Mark your calendars and visit the website for registration information. 

June 27 – Mega Luncheon Ladder & Member Trade Show – Maggianos at Town Center

September 7 – Celebration of the Senses – Evening event at Member Heather Sams Art Solutions Gallery

October 19 – Annual Meeting – Lunch at Ruth’s Chris Downtown

December 5 – Holiday Party – Deercreek Country Club

While they make the planning seem effortless, it does involve lots of work and we want everyone to take advantage of these events. 

Don’t forget to send in your news to the Newsletter!  We’re working on the next edition now!

Posted March 16, 2017

Time of Renewal
Spring is a time of renewal. Bright green leaves appear almost overnight and bird song fills the air. Now that the days are longer we will be able to spend more time outside enjoying our beautiful Florida seasons.

Spring is also a time for beginning a renewal of the Jacksonville Women’s Network. Last year the Board of Directors approved the JWN Rebranding Project which will be chaired by Immediate Past President Georgia Reed. She will be joined by Jennifer Holland, Certified Brand Strategist at Holland People + Brands who will share her expertise and lead the exercise. The first step will be a branding strategy/focus group session where we will look inside and examine our group including its history, members and culture. We’ll be distilling the “essence” of our JWN brand. We will share more details as we move through the process.

Category Chair Revitalization Process
We all fall into one of 15 categories within the Network. Each category has a chair or co-chairs who assist in communications for the network, most importantly around the new member nomination process. Board members Laurie Price, Carolyn Zisser and Barbara Gubbin will be working with our category chairs to define and document the role of the position. More to come on this project.

Luncheon Ladder Note
Year after year, the Lunch Ladder is cited as one of the most enjoyable and beneficial activities associated with the Network. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to be involved – or to hit “pause” when you need to take a break. Lunch Ladders are especially important for our newest members. We want them to meet as many members as possible!

Let’s all be diligent about ensuring that every lunch group on the list has an opportunity to meet. If your leader hasn’t contacted you about scheduling lunch for the group within the first week of receiving the notification, then help out by sending a note yourself. We’ve all needed help in organizing. Help make every lunch ladder happen.

Facebook Group Page
Wow! We asked you to join the group and you have! We will be posting news and information on a regular basis. This will supplement our regular email announcements. We’d also like to hear from you and we encourage sharing items of interest. We look forward to your input.

Now is the Time to Nominate New Members
With our online nomination forms we are, in effect, going to year-round nominations. To get your nominee into consideration for the Class of 2018 you will need to complete the form no later than June 16, 2017. Nominations received after that date will be reviewed in 2018 for the Class of 2019. Email questions to

Don’t forget to register for our upcoming April 27 program, Symphony in 60. We’ve got our own private cocktail hour before the event and we will have the opportunity to meet musicians and other guests afterwards. Hope to see you there!

Lucy Reep
2017 JWN President