New Member Nomination Process - What You Need to Know

  • JWN supports and accelerates the advancement of women in both personal and professional endeavors. We are looking for women of influence who will support JWN’s mission and values as New Members and are interested in actively networking through JWN.


  • Active Members who have been in the Network for a minimum of one full year may nominate New Members. (The Class of 2019 will be eligible to submit nominations beginning January 2020.) Sustainers may not nominate.


  • Nominations can be made at any time, starting right now! We encourage you to submit nominations well before the July 31 deadline to avoid any snags.


  • First, review the membership eligibility of your nominee. Eligibility and Membership Categories can be found on the JWN website. After login, select “Membership” from the main navigation menu at the top.


  • Membership Categories have been revised in the Bylaws, with some categories combined and others separated. The updated Membership Categories are listed on the JWN website under “Membership.” There are two new Membership Categories this year that currently have no Members: (1) Manufacturing, Engineering, & Technology, and (2) Tourism & Hospitality. We encourage Members to nominate candidates to these new categories.


  • Determine the appropriate “Membership Category” for your nominee. The Category is generally determined based on the nominee’s career, job title, responsibilities, and employer.  Occasionally, a nominee may qualify for more than one Category, so it becomes a matter of choosing the Category that most closely matches the experience and qualifications of your candidate. 


  • You can sponsor a prospective Member in any Category. However, two Active Members for a minimum of one full year who are from the same Category as your nominee must serve as Endorsers, except in the case of a nominee to the new Categories of (1) Manufacturing, Engineering, & Technology, or (2) Tourism and Hospitality, who may be endorsed by an Active Member from any Category.


  • If the nominee is within your own Category, as an Active Member you qualify to be the first Endorser. One additional Endorser is required.


  • Sustainer Members may not serve as an Endorser for any Category.


  • Our Membership Directory can be sorted by category. Please seek out individuals from the Category who may know your candidate. You may also want to reach out to the Category Chair for assistance.


  • Our Bylaws have been revised to permit you to contact your candidate as part of the nomination process. However, please be sensitive to the fact that JWN is an invitation-only organization and not all nominees are invited to be members.


  • Nomination forms are online. After login, select “Membership” from the main navigation menu at the top. Then select “2020 New Member Nomination” from the left navigation menu to download the form.


  • Print out the PDF, complete the hard copy form, scan the form and bio or resumé and any other attachments and email back to [email protected].


  • A Membership Co-Chair will review the nominations as received and advise if the application is complete or if additional information is needed.

If you have any questions regarding the New Member Nomination Process, please contact: (1) the relevant Category Chair (listed below), or (2) the Membership Committee Co-Chairs at [email protected].

Category Chairs



Arts and Entertainment

Christie Rogers

[email protected]

Business Executive

Teresa Hale

[email protected]


Catherine Christie

[email protected]

Entrepreneur & Consultant

Mary Fisher

[email protected]

Finance, Insurance, & Real Estate

Rose Bock

[email protected]


Jackie Glass

[email protected]

Health Care

Lori Bilello

[email protected]


Kate Rowe & Laura Andrew

[email protected]
[email protected]

Marketing, Sales & Communications

Snowden McFall

[email protected]

Nonprofit, Philanthropy, & Volunteer

Michelle Hughes & Dawn Lockhart

[email protected]
[email protected]

Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology


[email protected]

Tourism and Hospitality


[email protected]