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President's Message

As I take stock of this year, it’s amazing to realize that we are heading into the final stretch! My grandsons are turning 3 and 1, I have a few more gray hairs (well-earned!) and my time as JWN president is also heading into its final months.  

One of the things I’ve tried to do this year is keep it real.  It’s often tempting to only speak of our victories, but I think one of the best ways we can encourage one another is to be honest about our struggles as well. Sometimes the most encouraging thing in the world is to know that you are not alone; that you’re not the first person who’s ever felt overwhelmed, unsure or just plain exhausted.  

No matter how mature and accomplished we get, we are all walking that tightrope every day, and I love that my JWN friends will talk about that and share strategies for coping. I’ve heard the same from many of you.

For me, the past few months have been all about hustle – JWN activities, meetings, selling homes, and family time. My calendar is filled with all these activities. Like you, I try to fit it all in while maintaining a balance, but I’m not always successful! Our August program, Aging Gracefully, was a timely one in that regard. It encouraged me to reduce my stress level and be especially mindful of balance.

This month’s JWN Meet Up is a very casual networking program of wine and painting.  After a hectic August and the festivities of Labor Day weekend, that sounds like just the right balance of “me” time and business networking. I hope to see you at our September Meet Up, and if we don’t know one another please introduce yourself – I’d love to learn more about you.


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Of Special Note


Our JWN Monthly Lunch Ladders are an integral part of your membership.  Our lunch ladders promote inclusion and networking for all that participate.

It is extremely important that these lunch ladders are planned and facilitated.   If you have not heard from your lunch ladder leader by the end of the month preciding the lunch ladder, please make an effort to reach out to them directly.


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In the News


On August 8, 2018, Circuit Judge Karen Cole provided the 165 World Language teachers of the Duval County Public Schools an interactive presentation entitled, “Whatever It Takes: A Judge’s Perspective on the Challenges Our Children Face.”


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Upcoming Events


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Newsletter Submission Guidelines

This is an exclusive e-newsletter for and about Network members and upcoming JWN events. We welcome items about your personal and professional achievements, and any projects you would like to promote to members of JWN. Please include photos, preferably in JPG format.  Please email all submissions to Zelda Greenberg at

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