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President's Message

Last month I had an opportunity to meet some family members discovered by an ancestry search.  After finding a pet sitter, I traveled to Orlando, joining family from California, NY, and the Ukraine. It was two days of fun.   Also, learning how our branch of the family went from French Catholic to Jewish was pretty fascinating!

I tell you this because this mini-vacation reminded me just how important it is to find time to unwind. It was wonderful to leave the computer tucked in the suitcase, turn off the phone, and immerse myself completely in the moment. 

When I first started in real estate, I would never have considered turning off my phone.  No matter what time it rang, I always answered. One day my son asked me why.  He said, “Mom, if somebody calls you at 10 PM, you can’t do anything to help them until tomorrow anyway.  Why don’t you just wait until then and call them back?”

He was absolutely right!  Even today, I have to constantly remind myself to turn off the devices.

When I returned home from the reunion, my pet sitter told me that she had felt like she was on holiday while taking care of my home and pets. She enjoyed my pool and had her own break from her usual routine.  

As for me, the change of scenery, the break from my devices, and doing something completely different made me feel refreshed and reinvigorated and I made a promise to myself to do it again SOON!  I hope you do, too.  Just a couple of days “away from it all” can make an enormous difference. 

Here’s to a wonderful summer of refreshment and renewal for us all.  Share your vacation stories with me!

- Zelda

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Of Special Note

JWN now taking American Express!

We’ve had several members ask us to accept American Express and this payment method has been added to our system.  This change is effective immediately.  If you encounter any issues in using an American Express during the event registration process, please email our administrator, Kristin Thompson, at

 Mega Luncheon Ladder & 40th Anniversary Celebration

The June Mega Luncheon Ladder & 40th Anniversary Celebration was a huge success.  The program recognized and honored our remaining founder, Cecilia Bryant, as well as all of the past presidents.  Click HERE to see the presentation.  We also had a networking activity that incorporated social media.  The following members were selected as winners and will receive one free ticket to any 2018 JWN event (excluding the Holiday Dinner).  Congrats to the winners!!

Judy Lanier
Diane Yendol-Hoppey

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In the News

Member Karen Brune Mathis

Is the editor for the Daily Record and Observer, LLC.

Financial News & Daily Record, has unveiled a trio of changes at the 105-year-old newspaper, including a new name, new design and the launch of a new free weekly business paper.

 Following is the link to the press release for their new publication.

Observer Media Group Press Release

Member Katherine Way
Katherine Way Collections was at the Merchandising Tent at the US Open in Shinnecock Hills this June for the third season with over 35,000 attendees daily. 

Member Janet Reagor

Jacksonville Women's Network was well represented at the Eve Award Luncheon on Friday, June 8th.  Many of our members were in attendance as well as Janet Reagor who was one of the 12 Eve finalists.  Janet was recognized for her work with Walk Off Charities as well as her role at The Sanctuary on 8th Street.

Member Mary Harvey

Mary has sold Agency a la Carte, her staffing and recruiting firm, to Hueman People Solutions. "I am very pleased with the decision to sell my agency to Dwight Cooper and his excellent company," said Mary, in making the announcement. "After 24 years of running my own company, it is time to let someone else handle the day-to-day administrative details and let me just do the sales and recruiting. I have long admired Dwight and his work and I am honored that he chose to acquire Agency a la Carte." 

Mary will stay with the company, as will her staff, to run Agency a la Carte as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hueman.

Member Zelda Greenberg

Zelda Greenberg's newest book is jam-packed with wisdom and advice to have anyone's home sold in the quickest time for top dollar. Following the process that Zelda writes about will produce positive results and the book is absolutely FREE at

Member Virginia Borrock

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Virginia Borrok.


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