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President's Message

As the first quarter of 2020 wraps up, my head is spinning. So much has happened, I’m labelling the time periods B.C. (Before Coronavirus) and A.D. (After the Disease). It’s disheartening but necessary, the Network’s traditional in-person programs, meetups and luncheonladder have been temporarily suspended. Keep your eyes open for the alternative ways the JWN board and program committee are creating for members to build relationships within the Network. None of uscan wait to get together but in the meantime, we’ll be creating a few different experiences for you totry. I hope this period is short lived.

JWN’s mission is singular and clear: We support and accelerate the advancement of women in both personal and professional endeavors.

This is the board’s focus now too. Early this month, three strategic priorities were crystalized. Last week, the board was scheduled to meet and select the activities and resources that will best achieve
these strategic goals. That meeting was cancelled because of office closures and the guidance encouraging self-isolation. The meeting will now be held as a video conference. No doubt these
strategic activities will reflect an additional flavor – in this A.D. world.

As always, please let me hear your ideas for JWN activities, especially now. It is a great pleasure to serve as your president.

Stay well,

Ann Mackey

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JWN: The Year So Far

January 2, New Board Member Orientation: Five new board members this year, new members…new ideas. Welcome Connie Hodges, Jennifer Holland, Penny Zuber Mindy Gillis and Paula Shields.

January 13, Trivia Night: All about JWN! A clever and inventive game reimagined by Meg Folds. Janet Reagor and Kendra McCrary kept score and acted as referees as Meg quizzed us. It could not have been a better introduction to JWN for new members and it sure was fun for the rest of us.

February 20, Speaker’s Forum featuring John Spence and the Future of Work. Strong attendance, record sponsorship and a riveting topic generated a lot of attention and interest for JWN.






March 9, Strategic Planning Part I – Led by Jana Ertrachter, board members challenged each other to distil and prioritize the critical strategic objectives for JWN.   The next step - develop the strategies and tactics to best achieve these objectives. Our mission is clear, we support and accelerate the advancement of women in both personal and professional endeavors. Women helping women

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Get to know your board of directors

You probably knew, or could confidently guess, that the 2020 Board of Directors is an impressive group. Yes, they are accomplished. Yes, they are passionate about ensuring JWN is vibrant and focused on advancing women. BUT, did you also know that each has a fascinating past? Try and match the following facts to the members of the Board.

  • Handicapped horses for the races while in college

  • Danced with two Nobel prize winners

  • Received straight A’s her freshman year of college, yet never attended a class

  • Choreographed a girl’s dance group

  • Posed topless for a popular calendar

  • Spent her first three months after college with an undated return air ticket travelling around Europe

  • Ran with the bulls in Pamplona Spain

  • Won a national writing contest at 17

  • Came within hours of death while fighting a virus in Cozumel Mexico

  • Started college at age 16

  • None of the above. Yep, there are 12 of us. Two weren’t brave enough to make a confession

Any JWN member who is not serving on this year’s Board can submit their guesses to our administrator, Laurrie Campbell, [email protected] Anyone one with more than seven correct answers will be entered into a drawing to win a free ticket to a 2020 program of their choice. Board members have sworn not to give guidance. Anyway, come to the programs, they are filled with women you will want to know.


We have a digital Suggestion Box and we welcome any and all feedback from our members!

 To submit suggestions for enhancing the JWN membership experience, please CLICK HERE.

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Board Service

Do you serve on the board of directors or governing committee for a not-for-profit, company ormunicipality? Let us know so it can be added to your profile in the JWN member directory. This directory is only visible to active JWN members and these membership profiles often help members connect in meaningful ways. Please include the name and brief description of the organization, your role, and the dates you served in an email to JWN Administrator Laurrie Campbell, [email protected]

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Please send your news to Laurrie Campbell, JWN’s administrator, at [email protected]. Did we forget someone? Please let us know and we’ll include it in the next newsletter.

Debbie Buckland, 2019 JAX Chamber Chair and BB&T Market President, was inducted as a member of the Florida Council on Economic Education's Class of 2019 First Coast Hall of Fame.

Giselle Carson, Business Immigration Attorney with Marks Gray,won the JaxUSA International Individual of the Year award.

Michelle Cook has stepped down as Sheriff of Atlantic Beach to run for Sheriff in Clay County. Michelle grew up in Clay County and considers it as home.

Lori Day, President of New Day Solutions, was appointed by Jose Oliva, Florida House of Representatives Speaker, to serve as a member of the Florida Commission on the Status of Women.

Jana Ertrachter’s blog featured two timely additions: “How to Be your Best in a Virtual Meeting” and “Virtual Meetings: Is your Facilitator Ready? Nine Pro Tips for Engaging and Productive Meetings.” Jana is a principal with the Ertrachter Group.

Ellen Glasser has filed to run for re-election as Mayor of Atlantic Beach.

Pepper Lindsey, owner of Lindsey Films, has launched an offshoot of Lindsey Films Inc. called Direct Me Anywhere for businesses to create professional marketing videos. It uses remote capture technology to record video and direct clients in real time with an internet connection. The system is based on a smartphone application.

Snowden McFall, owner of Fired Up! Professional Speaking and Coaching, has added to her YouTube series with Public Speaking Tips: Using Microphones Effectively from Professional Speaker Snowden McFall and Mistakes Women Make When Giving Speeches.

Trina Medarev, Executive Director and CEO of the World Affairs Council of Jacksonville, recently led members of World Affairs Councils from around the nation on a World Affairs Council of Philadelphia sponsored trip to Israel. Together, they explored the multicultural traditions of the Israeli people, the ruins of ancient civilizations and the natural beauty of a land steeped in history.

Julie Negrete-Anderson, founder and CEO of OnPay Solutions, has joined the Business and Industry Leadership Team Advisory Committee of Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Katherine Way, founder of Katherine Way Collections, was the featured speaker in February’s Local Founder’s Speaker’s Series sponsored by Community First Credit Union. Community First has sponsored JWN’s Speaker Forum longer than any other sponsor.

The Daily Record highlighted Zelda Greenberg’s business response to the Coronavirus. Zelda is a Realtor and the founder of Legacy Realty Group North Florida Of course, the editor of The Daily Record is Karen Mathis.

In a separate article on the business response to the virus, Vicky Zelen, owner of Zelen Risk Solutions, offered insight on business interruption insurance and Melissa Dietz, Melissa has a accountPresident of Victory Accounting and Tax, advised that businesses should work ahead on finances.

Lawanda Ravoira, 2019 program speaker and founder of the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center, moved to the role of president emeritus and will focus on expanding the agency’s public policy and advocacy work.

The Daily Record included JWN program speaker Nicole Thomas as one of five leaders who will help guide the region’s future. Nicole also received Senior Executive Regent Award from the American College of Healthcare Executives.

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In 2020, the Programs Committee will continue to engage our membership by providing meaningful Major Events for JWN members and by providing fun Meetups, each designed for up to 30 members and guests. The Committee welcomes all to participate, and now consists of the following key stakeholders:

  • Susan Mack, Nancy Dreicer, Meg Folds, Mindy Gillis, Pixie Larizza, Lucy Reep and Meg Rose.

And we will not stop holding Programs, just because we JWN members cannot meet in person. Join your JWN colleagues for a virtual cocktail hour to take place on Tuesday, April 7th  from 5:30 pm-6:30 pm via the Zoom application. This virtual Meetup will be free of charge to members. A link to the Zoom application will be sent to all members to facilitate the virtual Meetup.

Our next scheduled Meetup is “Fellowship at the Cummer” on Tuesday, April 21st, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. The Cummer Museum’s Chief Curator Holly Kerris will provide insights about the museum’s special exhibit about Egyptian art: “Striking Power” as well as permanent collection. We will gather for great conversation with sandwiches/ salads and soft drinks before proceeding to tour art with Holly. What happens, you ask, if the Cummer is still closed in mid-April? We will then hold this Meet-up at a time when Holly is available in May. Because we need to confirm the April date, on-line registration will not start until April 5th.

I know many of you were disappointed that, due to pandemic restrictions on group meetings, we were not able to hold our Donna Orender/Nancy Hogshead Makar event in March for Women’s History month. Titled “Title IX and its Positive Impact on U.S. Women,” this major Program will be scheduled in August at a date to be announced.

Join us for our virtual and live events and join the fun!

Susan E. Mack

VP and Programs Chair

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Newsletter Submission Guidelines

This is an exclusive e-newsletter for and about Network members and upcoming JWN events. We welcome items about your personal and professional achievements, and any projects you would like to promote to members of JWN. Please include photos, preferably in JPG format. Please email all submissions to JWN Administrator, Laurrie Campbell at [email protected].

We are also seeking members who would like to be a spotlight in our monthly newsletters. This gives other members a chance to get to know you better both personally and professionally. If you are interested participating, please answer 5 out of 10 of the following questions: Member Spotlight. We look forward to getting to know everyone!


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