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President's Message

My year as JWN president is drawing to an end, and recent events have me – once again – in a reflective mood.  We had a memorable annual meeting, with some spirited discussion about moving our organization in a more political direction. After the meeting, I heard from other members who felt just as strongly about staying on our present course.

In response, we are convening a study group to ascertain what our members think and recommend appropriate action.  However, the results won’t be available until after the first of the year. If it’s the will of the group to begin endorsing candidates at that time, we will need to vote on a change in our bylaws.

We are a diverse group of women with differing views, and everyone should have an opportunity to be heard. But I personally believe the great benefit of JWN membership is building relationships.

As you may know, I was involved in a devastating car accident a couple of weeks ago. My car was a total loss and we were all fortunate to survive. It was a timely reminder how precious life is and how quickly it can end. The experience certainly reminded me of what is most   important – our loved ones and friends, and the good we can do for others.

I hope as we look to the future, we can all remember that a difference of opinion is an opportunity to talk, learn and get to know -- and understand -- one another better. We are very blessed, and I wish you a joyful Thanksgiving.


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Of Special Note


At our annual meeting, we heard about Anna Lopez Brosche's "Picture of Service," which is a painting she commissioned in 2014 to reflect The Four Agreements:  (1) be impeccable with your word, (2) do not take things personally, (3) do not make assumptions, and (4) always do your best.  She shared how the painting serves as a daily reminder of these principles and her personal vision, mission, and values, together which are part of the personal constitution on which she leans as she serves her community.  The artist, Jack Allen, lives in Jacksonville.

October Annual Meeting - Photo Gallery

TASK FORCE - Looking for members to participate

We hope you were able to participate in our Annual Meeting and have noted our new vision and mission.  As we strive to fulfill our purpose of serving as the Voice of Influence for Women, we are exploring what that means in terms of issue engagement.  To help us chart this course, we are forming a task force to work Human Resources expert and JWN member Suzi Lemen and 2 incoming Officers.

The first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 28 at 11:30 am at Brio restaurant in Town Center.  We anticipate that discussion will include reviewing the impact of advocacy on our IRS status and Bylaws, and beginning to identify ongoing and emerging issues for women that can potentially impact all of our members.  
Please RSVP to Kristin Thompson ( no later than November 25th if you would be interested in being part of this process.  We are hoping to have a robust and thoughtful conversation, and would welcome your voice around the table.


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In the News

Congratulations to members Rosa Beckett and Julie Negrete Anderson for winning prestigous awards at the Professional Women's Council Women Connecting Women Event in October.

Congratulations to member Nancy Dreicer, CEO of Chappell Schools, for winning an award from Jacksonville Business Journal.

Congratulations to Susan Mack for becoming partner at  Adams and Reese LLP beginning in January, 2019.

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Newsletter Submission Guidelines

This is an exclusive e-newsletter for and about Network members and upcoming JWN events. We welcome items about your personal and professional achievements, and any projects you would like to promote to members of JWN. Please include photos, preferably in JPG format.  Please email all submissions to Zelda Greenberg at

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