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President's Message

I love November!  It’s a month of GRATITUDE, CHANGE and FAMILY.

GRATITUDE.  I am very thankful for the exceptional women of influence that make up the Jacksonville Women’s Network and for the opportunity to serve you as president this year. Please take a moment to reflect on the year and even if it’s been a challenging year for you, I’m sure there is something that you can be thankful for.

CHANGE. While we don’t experience the beautiful changes in nature that those who live in colder climates do, we still experience change in our lives. With change comes challenges but also opportunities for dreams to be fulfilled. I once heard it said that “Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

FAMILY.  Many believe that family are only those who are related to us by blood. The truth is that for most people, family are those that you choose to surround yourself with and that make you a better person. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your chosen family.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the holiday program on December 2!

Warmest regards, 


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Member News

2020 dues invoices have been sent out and are due by December 31. If you did not receive your dues notice, please notify JWN Administrator, Chirstina Llamozas at [email protected].

From left to right: Maribel Hernandez, Ann Mackey, and Helen Jackson.

The New Member Orientation was held on October 15 at Havana JAX Restaurant.  Many thanks to Membership Co-Chairs Helen Jackson and Linda Kelso.

Dear JWN sisters,

Counting all the things I am thankful for, JWN is right up there amongst the top. For the last 23 years, my husband and I have hosted an open house Thanksgiving. This year however, due to him having major back surgery the first part of November, we are putting this year’s open house on hiatus. We wish everyone a blessed holiday and look forward to hosting again in 2020. For those of you who have joined us in the past, we look forward to celebrating with you in the future. ~ Pixie


Elder source: We are honoring some amazing people who truly have a love for helping the senior community. Congratulations to Judge Flower, Senator Audrey Gibson and Eileen Rodden of Women's Center of Jacksonville for being honored as our Delores Barr Weaver Elder Advocate Award Honorees. Purchase tickets to join in the celebration on Monday, October 28th

JAX Chamber Professional Women's Council: Women Connecting Women Awards

Congratulations to JWN President, Maribel Hernandez, for winning the 2019 Women's Advocate of the Year award.

JWN Member, Snowden McFall (center), put on an amazing event which was MC'd by JWN Member, Melanie Lawson. Also pictured on left is JWN Member Helen Jackson and on right Wendy Hughes, PWC Board.

JWN Table (pictured clockwise beginning with President): Maribel Hernandez, Lynn Salvatore, Carolyn Zisser, Marie Monohan, Marley Haines, Helen Jackson, Linda Nottingham, Janet Reagor, Amy Davis and Monica Bermudez.

If you have news to share about yourself or another JWN member, please email Chirstina Llamozas, JWN Administrator at [email protected].

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Lunch Ladder

From left to right are Meg Folds, Judy Hall Lanier, Barbara Folio, Susan Pelter, and Beth Brockelman.

In addition to delicious food, our group shared with each other a little more about what we have been involved with career-wise and personally. Among the many interesting topics covered was the Monique Burr Foundation's important work in the community to protect children from bullying, abuse and victimization. Barbara Folio was the organization's Northeast Florida executive director for its first 10 years and helped build it from the bottom up. Barbara is the sister of Edward Burr who founded the organization in 1997 to honor his late wife's legacy of child protection and child advocacy. 

From left to right are Barbara Gubbin, Ellen Siler, Martha Barrett, and Tracy Davis.

Ellen Siler, former CEO of Hubbard House and interim director and go to expert for similar organizations in our area which do vital work supporting women and their families, organized our lunch at the Wine Cellar. And what a great lunch! Martha Barrett, Bank of America Market Manager and Community Relations (forgive me Martha if this title isn’t quite correct) who we know as someone who is deeply involved in and concerned about what can strengthen our community, State Representative Tracy Davis, who gave us a great heads up about issues coming to the legislature in the next session, and me, Barbara Gubbin, happily retired but former director of the Jacksonville Public Library. It was a lively and informative conversation and fun! Thanks to everyone for being there and being members of JWN.

From left to right are Trina Medarev, Laura Bailet, and Ann Mackey.

Delightful luncheon gathering sharing all sorts of interesting happenings and travel adventures. Always a special time when members can connect via the Jacksonville Women's Network monthly lunch ladders!

From left to right are Pat Blanchard, Mary Kay O’Rourke, and Maribel Hernandez.

Pat Blanchard and Maribel Hernandez joined Mary Kay for a delicious lunch at River & Post in Riverside. It is always great spending time with other JWN members.

From left to right are Beverly Flanagan, Jan Spence, and Tanya Foreman.

Such a fun October Lunch Ladder planned by Jan Spence with Beverly Flanagan at Cooper’s Hawk!! I really enjoyed learning more about these great ladies!


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Next Meeting

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Newsletter Submission Guidelines

This is an exclusive e-newsletter for and about Network members and upcoming JWN events. We welcome items about your personal and professional achievements, and any projects you would like to promote to members of JWN. Please include photos, preferably in JPG format. Please email all submissions to JWN Administrator, Chirstina Llamozas at [email protected].

We are also seeking members who would like to be a spotlight in our monthly newsletters. This gives other members a chance to get to know you better both personally and professionally. If you are interested participating, please answer 5 out of 10 of the following questions: Member Spotlight. We look forward to getting to know everyone!


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