JWN's Statement of Purpose

The Jacksonville Women's Network is a by invitation 501(c) 6 nonprofit organization that encourages a diverse membership of successful women and supports and accelerates the advancement of women in both personal and professional endeavors. It was founded in 1979 to encourage supportive links among top-ranking women in the business and volunteer communities. With over 250 members, the Network fosters an active interest in public affairs through its quarterly programs and annual Speaker’s Forum.

The Jacksonville Women's Network is a membership based organization open to accomplished women by invitation.

Women are eligible for membership in one of the following categories:

  • Arts & Entertainment

  • Business Executive

  • Education

  • Entrepreneur & Consultant

  • Finance, Insurance, & Real Estate

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Legal

  • Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology

  • Marketing, Sales & Communications

  • Nonprofit, Philanthropy & Volunteer

  • Tourism & Hospitality


OUR MISSION:  We support and accelerate the advancement of women in both personal and professional endeavors.


  • Exclusive, by-invitation only alliance of high-performing, highly-qualified women
  • Influential powerhouse of successful women
  • Lunch Ladder - unique networking system designed to encourage releationships for mutual benefit.


WHAT WE DO: We maintain as broad a membership as possible because we believe that the true strength of our organization lies in its diversity. JWN cooperates with community organizations in outreach activities such as member programs, sponsorship of outstanding speakers and professional development activities. There are four dinner meetings a year, a holiday dinner, and a speaker's forum. A monthly "luncheon ladder" is available for those who are interested in meeting and deepening relationships with other dynamic professional women. We publish a member newsletter and host activities of interest to our members.

WHY WE EXIST: Successful women want to meet other successful women, especially from other fields, something they may be too busy to plan for in the course of their regular business and professional lives. Our network responds to this need by putting successful women from all over the community together.

BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP: Women become members of the JWN for many reasons:

Being nominated for membership means you are regarded as a leader in your industry.

Your membership allows you to attend events and become informed on important issues.

We have a system that allows you to expand your networking with women you're guaranteed to find interesting.

Our Lunch Ladder program allows you to set up lunches on a monthly basis with other accomplished and dynamic women who are leaders in their respective industries.

HOW WE KEEP IT GOING: Individuals are nominated for membership by active JWN members, voted on by members within the individual's category (legal, financial, nonprofit, etc.) and reviewed and approved by the JWN board, and finally - if approved - invited to become a JWN member. Specific instructions will be included in the letter of invitation.

WHEN WE MEET: JWN meets for four dinner programs throughout the year, a holiday dinner and a speaker's forum. In addition, the informal monthly lunch ladder meetings and meet ups facilitate networking in small groups for those who choose to participate. Participation in JWN events is entirely optional; there are no mandatory meetings.



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